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Tie-up with ADS Biotec

ADS Biotec, Japan manufactures the world's leader in automated harvesting - Hanabi. Since 1st April 2017, DSS has tied up with their US subsidiary - ADS Biotec, USA for the distribution of their cytogenetics portfolio in India excluding the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

With this DSS has taken a further step to complete its offerings in the Automated Cytogenetics field.

ADS product range includes:

  • Metaphase Harvesters
  • Chromosome Spreaders
  • Chromosome Staining System

Along with Cytogenetics, ADS solutions can also be useful in field of Radio Dossimetry. 

Tie-up with Human Diagnostics for Human TB Lamp

Since March 2017, DSS has entered into a tie-up with Human Diagnostics, Germany to represent the Human TB Lamp business in India. The TB Lamp assay is WHO recommended as a replacement for smear microscopy. 

A commercial molecular assay to detect Mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex that is based on LAMP techniques (TB-LAMP) has been developed by Eiken Chemical Company Ltd (Tokyo, Japan). TB-LAMP is a manual assay that requires less than 1 hour to perform and can be read with the naked eye under ultraviolet light. Human Diagnostics has entered into a world-wide tie-up with Eiken Co., Japan to represent Eiken TB Lamp in the world market . 

Benefits of Human TB Lamp

  • Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a unique, temperature-independent technique for amplifying DNA that is simple to use, providing a visual display that is easy to read;
  • The test is robust and does not require sophisticated instrumentation and can be used at a peripheral health centre level, under biosafety requirements similar to microscopy. 
  • LAMP methods have been used to detect malaria and several neglected tropical diseases.