Sony 15" HD Medical Grade Monitor

SONY Sony 15" HD Medical Grade Monitor in India

Sony 15" HD Medical Grade Monitor
The LMD-1530MD is a widescreen HD medical-certified 15-inch* monitor, with a WXGA panel providing 1280 x 768 pixel resolution. The outstanding image quality and lightweight compact design allows for easy integration into a variety of applications, both inside and outside the operating room.
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Features & Benefits

  • Built-in HD input via HDMI interface or analog component interface
  • Accepts SD inputs including analog composite, Y/C (S-Video), 525i/625i component and RGB
  • Features a variety of image scan modes providing flexibility for any medical application
  • Selectable color temperature settings
  • On screen display (OSD) for seven languages
  • Built-in tally lamp to identify when images are captured or recorded
  • Parallel remote control interface
  • Scratch resistant AR-coated protection layer
  • VESA mounting standard compliance (100 mm spacing)
  • Built-in desktop stand

Product Details

Incorporating an advanced LCD panel with wide viewing angle, it reproduces bright and high-contrast images even in dark areas of the picture. It is equipped with a 10-bit signal processor to produce lifelike images. Smooth gradation and accurate colour representation ensures it is true to the original signals. The monitor accepts a wide variety of SD signal inputs, plus HD input via either HDMI or an analogue component. Its versatile inputs, convenient features, and space-saving design make it an ideal, cost-effective choice for today’s demanding medical environments.
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