24" 3D Medical Grade Monitor

SONY 24" 3D Medical Grade Monitor in India

24" 3D Medical Grade Monitor
The numerous features and benefits of the LMD-2451MT make it ideal for 3D endoscopic surgery and suited to a wide range of medical settings where critical high-quality 3D monitoring is required. Accommodating multiple input signal formats and interfaces, this monitor offers maximum flexibility and user convenience.
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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with most existing microscopes
  • Improves workfl ow, as the surgical team can view exactly what the surgeon is seeing during the procedure
  • 3D recording capability allows for training and post-surgical review
  • Complete end-to-end solution for capturing, recording and displaying 3D video
  • 3D/2D colour matching function (3D offset adjustment)

Product Details

The Sony LMD-2451MT LCD HDTV monitor is a revolution in 3D and 2D visualisation. A host of convenient display features, developed with the user in mind, include disparity simulation, checkerboard display, Flip H and horopter check. In 3D mode, the Flip H function enables the user to turn a reversed image to normal view and the horopter check function enables the perception of subtle differences in depth between objects. These features optimise setting and adjustment and are assignable to function keys on the front panel for maximum convenience, particularly when frequently switching between 3D and 2D.
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