Sony 32" 3D Medical Grade Monitor

SONY Sony LMD-3251MT 3D Medical Grade Monitors in India in India

Sony 32" 3D Medical Grade Monitor
3D imaging is an increasingly important tool in today’s operating rooms. It’s a practical alternative to conventional 2D imaging, giving surgeons a stereoscopic view of high-resolution pictures captured with endoscopes and surgical microscopes. 3D offers an accurate, life-like visual experience, with improved depth perception and spatial orientation. This provides a more realistic visualisation of complex procedures.
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Features & Benefits

  • See High-impact, Detail-packed 3D Images in Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution 2. View with Light, Easy to Wear 3D Glasses
  • Energy-efficient, Environmentally Friendly Panel with LED Backlight
  • 3D/2D Switchable
  • Clear Images with a Wide Viewing Angle
  • Coated Panel Reduces Light Reflection
  • Natural Gradation and Accurate Colour Reproduction
  • ChromaTRU™ Colour Matching for Accurate, Dependable Colours
  • Colour Temperature and Gamma Curve Selection
  • Wide Range of Display Modes 1
    • Mirror Image for Convenient Side-by-side Working 12. Protected Controls 1
    • Extensive 2D and 3D Input Capabilities 1
    • Black Bezel for Optimised 3D Viewing 1
    • Compliance with Medical Safety Standards*

Product Details

The LMD-3251MT is a high-performance 32”* Full HD monitor that’s designed for use in medical environments. Connected to a 3D camera system, it displays smooth, high-resolution images that are viewed by surgeons and staff with the use of light, comfortable passive polarising glasses. The monitor is fully compliant with medical safety standards for hospital operating room use. It’s also ideal for other environments where high quality 3D viewing is desired, from consulting rooms and clinics to conference halls and training suites.
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