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Affinity™ Four Birthing bed

Hillrom Affinity™ Four Birthing bed in India

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Affinity™ Four Birthing bed
The Affinity Four birthing bed is one of the most safe birthing bed that works well in even the busiest of settings.
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Features & Benefits

  • The stowable foot section stores under the bed, avoiding the need for lifting and preserving vital space in the delivery room.
  • The foot part is lightweight and easy to handle, and it stores on a built-in stand to keep the mattress off the floor.
  • Wider support with a powerful release lever that can be operated with one hand at any angle.
  • Blue ergonomic handles with a built-in IV pole cradle.
  • Integrated IV poles provide a long-term option for fluid transfer.
  • Line managers feature that allows you to improve the structure and productivity of your medical equipment lines.
  • There is no transfer gap.
  • Side Rail release with OneStep technology

Product Details

The integrated foot piece of the Affinity Four Stow and Go feature can effortlessly slide beneath the bed during birth and back into position.
In the ergonomically designed lift-off version simply set the foot portion on the built-in stand.
Affinity - In labour and delivery, every second counts. Caregivers must be able to respond quickly and easily, especially in an emergency.
Progressive Labour – With the Affinity Four Birthing Bed – Throne , Fours, Side, Squat, Tug-Of-War, Semi – Fowlers ( Positions)
Safety and Convenience - EasyGlide calf supports , Trendelenburg mechanism, Optional inflatable air pillows, Four dual-lock castors, Optional Hill-Rom pressure redistribution foam mattress, Automatic pelvic tilt and optional v-cut mattress.
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