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BY Muskan Jain 21st August 2023

Growing cells may get contaminated if you leave your cell culture in the external environment. So, to ensure that your cell atmosphere is maintained and is not affected by external factors we came up with a CO2 incubator.

What is CO2 Incubator?
A CO2 incubator is a sealed gas incubator where an atmosphere is created which is similar to the environment required by the cell culture to grow. It is an invitro technique for cultivating cells. For the contamination-free cell culture temperature, humidity
and CO2 content must be maintained for growing the sample safely. Inside, it is made up of stainless steel which is resistant to rust and has sharp edges to avoid contamination as one single germ can ruin weeks of work. There should be uniform airflow in the whole

You may come across why maintaining CO2 is that important.To grow media at neutral pH CO2, need to be between 5% to 10%. By adding additional CO2 to the cell, it turned into carbonic acid(H2CO3) and bicarbonate (HCO3-) in the presence of H2O which keeps pH neutral and the growth of biological cells flourishes. The CO2 level is maintained by a standard infrared CO2 sensor
which accurately measures chamber gas levels besides temperature and humidity.

The major application for CO2 incubator.

CO2 incubator has been used in various sectors like medical research, the pharmaceutical industry, life science laboratories etc for growing biological cell culture. Let’s see some of the applications-

1. CO2 incubators for tissue engineered products– for developing novelty treatments, quality assurance, research and development CO2 incubators are used for tissue engineered products.

2. CO2 incubators for in vitro fertilization– In vitro fertilization is a method of artificial fertilization of an egg with sperm outside the body in a petri dish with a cell culture medium inside the CO2 incubator.

3. CO2 incubators in diagnostics-CO2 incubators play a crucial role in diagnosing pathogens which involve thawing, infecting the cell lines and dyeing the cell cultures.

4. CO2 for developing biosensors– biosensor is a device which is used in medicine, fermentation monitoring, food
quality control, and environmental analysis.

5. CO2 incubators in cancer research– CO2 incubators play an important role in preparing samples and testing drugs in the cancer research area.

So, to free your cell from any type of contamination CO2 incubator is the most reliable device to be used and it is also simple, clear, easy to clean, and have low-maintenance.

Muskan Jain


Muskan Jain, BTech biotechnology from JIIT Noida. She is currently working as an intern at DSS ImageTech in corporate marketing division.

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