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CAE Vimedix 3.0 With Lung Ultrasound Case for COVID-19

 CAE Vimedix 3.0 With Lung Ultrasound Case for COVID-19 in India

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CAE Vimedix 3.0 With Lung Ultrasound Case for COVID-19
CAE Vimedix accelerates ultrasound learning. Through a vast library of pathologies, self-directed training activities, visualization tools, and performance metrics, students can now increase their competencies in assessing patients through cardiac, lung, abdominal and ob/gyn ultrasound.
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NEW! CAE Vimedix 3.0 helps healthcare practitioners learn and train how to scan and assess for COVID-19 symptoms related to lung damage and cardiac dysfunction and also With enhanced lung images for increased fidelity.

CAE VimedixAR now available with Microsoft HoloLens – The first truly immersive augmented reality application to make ultrasound training more intuitive.

CAE Vimedix Cardiac
The optimal way to learn both transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography

  • Completely dynamic and realistic heart animation with over 60 pathologies.

  • Expanded pathology range featuring Color Doppler and Spectral Doppler (Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave)

  • Emergency Ultrasound Pathology+ Package.

  • Instructor-driven multiple HoloLens support with VimedixAR module.

Learn to perform abdominal ultrasound and FAST exams with the new stand-alone abdominal ultrasound simulator

  • Over 50 pathologies that allow learning without risk to patients.

  • Teach trainees to efficiently conduct a FAST exam and to rapidly recognize pathologies in an emergency setting.

  • Pleural Pathologies featuring fully animated lung respiration and respiratory variation of the IVC and also brand-new learning module for point-of-care ultrasound training associated with COVID-19.

  • Self-directed FAST exam exercises in augmented reality with VimedixAR module.

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