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CellEctor – Capillary Cell Sorting

Molecular Machines & Industries CellEctor – Capillary Cell Sorting in India

CellEctor – Capillary Cell Sorting
A micro-capillary single-cell based microscope is known as MMI CellEctor it helps in arranging systems for quick recognition, testimony, and taking up of single or rare cells in suspension.
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The exceptionally exact MMI CellPump enables single-cell disengagement even in nanoliter volumes. Since the system is completely mechanized and computer-controlled, it offers unlimited oversight in manual and automated cell acknowledgement, acquisition and deposition modes.
MMI CellEctor offers a workflow that is compatible with normal downstream molecular analyses, for this all accessories were created in counsel with its users. That's why single cells can be deposited onto reaction slides or directly into PCR tubes, IBIDI style chambers or microfluidic devices. Liquid handling programmes which are defined by the users can empower the development of dedicated cleaning and service cycles for capillary cleaning and maintenance.
It is profoundly modular and can be mounted on various microscope brands from starting-level to high-range instruments.
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