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Centuris™ Bed

Hillrom Centuris™ Bed in India

Centuris™ Bed
Hospital beds must perform a range of critical activities while also providing protection to both patients and caregivers in order to meet the rising needs of modern healthcare facilities.
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Features & Benefits

  • The split side rails on the Centuris bed are stable and ergonomically designed to make bed entry and exit safer
  • The side rails include a smooth and quick self-lowering mechanism with a dampening system that can be activated with one hand for immediate patient access.
  • Easy-to-Grip Side Rails assist patients in turning, repositioning, and exiting the bed securely and with little assistance.
  • Intuitive controls necessitate minimal staff training and patient education in the field.
  • Angle indications that are easy to read, aid in compliance with care protocols.
  • To satisfy Hillrom® standards, each stage of the bed development is subjected to rigorous testing.

Product Details

Hillrom's Centuris Rom's Bed was developed with the goal of providing the best value possible by including vital features without sacrificing quality.The Centuris bed complies with the most recent international regulatory standard IEC/EN 60601-2-52 for the basic safety and necessary performance of adult hospital beds. As a result, the Centuris bed meets the highest standards of safety, reliability, and usage.
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