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COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Model

Blue Phantom COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Model in India

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COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Model
CAE Blue Phantom’s COVID-19 Lung Simulator offers increased fidelity and realism to provide learners with realistic training in COVID-19-related lung conditions, progressing from healthy to severe damage.
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Product Details

Using any real ultrasound imaging equipment, learners can practice knobology and develop didactic skills needed to scan and assess lung damage associated with COVID-19, all within a risk-free environment.

COVID-19 Lung Simulator Specifications:

  • Lung sliding powered by an electric pump

  • Realistic image quality using any ultrasound system

  • Extremely realistic external landmarks and internal anatomy of ultrasound imaging

  • Excellent for training physicians in psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound: knobology training, didactic skills, acquiring ultrasound images and sanitation guidelines to limit exposure

  • Simulated tissue matches the acoustic properties of real human tissue

  • Anatomical landmarks include: chest wall, ribs, lung and pleural lining

  • Ultrasound anatomy includes: ribs, rib shadow, A-lines, B-lines, thickened and irregular plueral lining and consolidation

  • COVID-19 disease progresses as user scans

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