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Dako CoverStainer

DAKO (AGILENT) Dako Coverstainer - Fully Automated H&E Working Station in India

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Dako CoverStainer
Dako CoverStainer automates every step of the primary staining process from baking to drying, streamlining workflow and providing consistent quality slide after slide.
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Features & Benefits

  • Consistent, high-quality results
  • Great efficiency & high productivity
  • Optimized utilization of resources
  • Enhanced operator and patient safety
  • Continuous loading and unloading

Product Details

Dako CoverStainer is a fully automated H&E working station. It automates every step of the H&E process from baking, dewaxing and staining through to the dehydrated, coverslipped and dried slide that is ready for examination by the pathologist. Dako Reagent Management System, which is an integral part of Dako CoverStainer, automates the reagent handling process, and secures consistent high staining quality as well as better safety for laboratory personnel when handling reagents.

Dako CoverStainer is part of the Dako H&E solution which also consists of ready-to-use reagents, a pre-optimized, validated H&E protocol as well as consumables. This combination gives laboratories consistently high staining quality while at the same time reducing hands-on and turn-around time.

The Dako CoverStainer completely automates H&E performance with a highly flexible system that meets the special needs of laboratories. This comprehensive, fully integrated H&E solution delivers consistent, high-quality results while maximizing productivity and optimizing resource utilization.

Dako CoverStainer deliver optimized peformance when used with Dako Ready-to-Use (RTU) Reagents, Dako's validated protocol and Dako Reagent Management System (DakoRMS).
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