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The DecalMATE system is a new tool that enables histotechs to “tailor” their fixation/decalcification process to the specific characteristics of their bone tissue specimens.

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Features & Benefits

DecalMATE unique features

Technical specifications


Possibility to use different decalcification reagents:

  •  Strong mineral acids
  •  Weak organic acids
  •  Chelating agents SAFE 

Possibility to use different racks.

Possibility to use different fixation/decalcification temperatures.


  • Closed fixation/decalcification cavity with safety switches.
  • Safety switches: shield open, cavity open.


  • 24 hours turn around time for bone marrow
  • Up to 30 standard cassettes can be fixed/decalcified simultaneously


  • USB port enables both updating of software and downloading of event logs.

Product Details

For the first time, automatic protocols for the fixation/decalcification of bone tissues are available to modern laboratories to improve the diagnostic quality and the consistency of results with a faster turnaround time. The intuitive, user-friendly software guides the operator on the touch screen control terminal. The unit consists of a resistance-heating, temperature controlled process cavity, made of high chemical resistant techno polymers, with a built-in magnetic stirring device for temperature and concentration homogeneity.

After placing the rack in the cavity and pressing start, the unit will automatically:

1. Transfer the fixative from the tank to the process cavity

2. Bring the fixative to the selected temperature for the preset time

3. Drain, after time expires, the fixative solution back to the tank

4. Transfer the decalcifying solution to the cavity and heat it for the selected temperature and time

5. Drain the solution back to the tank after completion

Two flushing/rinsing steps are automatically carried out between the two phases. An alarm buzzer advises the operator about the completion of the steps.

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