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Electrocardiograph ELI 230

Welch Allyn Electrocardiograph ELI 230 in India

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Electrocardiograph ELI 230
The ELI 230 Resting ECG is a small, portable instrument with a wide range of features.
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Features & Benefits

  • With complete capabilities, it's portable, compact, and lightweight.
  • With remote ECG acquisition and rhythm print functionality, choose between wireless (WAMTM) or classic (AMTM12) ECG acquisition modules.
  • Best 10 technology selects and shows the 10 seconds of data with the least amount of noise, cutting down on clinical review time and ECG repeats.
  • For ECG acquisition and retrieval of ECG transmission orders, a full keyboard with one-touch operation is available.
  • To provide a silent second opinion, VERITASĀ® Resting ECG Interpretation with gender-specific and adult and paediatric criteria is used.
  • Support for up to three clinical research protocols at the same time.

Product Details

It's a low-cost ECG solution that includes full-size prints and reliable adult/pediatric ECG interpretation. Using gender-specific, adult, and paediatric criteria, the VERITAS resting ECG interpretation algorithm gives a silent second opinion for diagnostic interpretation.
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