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Electrocardiograph ELI 280

Welch Allyn Electrocardiograph ELI 280 in India

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Electrocardiograph ELI 280
The ELI 280 Electrocardiograph is a touchscreen device with complete capabilities. The simple gadget was created to fulfil the needs of high-volume ECG situations in both acute care and physician offices. The widescreen data layout makes it simple to navigate menus, enter patient information quickly, and verify accurate electrode connections.
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Features & Benefits

  • With complete capabilities, it's portable, compact, and lightweight.
  • With remote ECG acquisition and rhythm print functionality, choose between wireless (WAMTM) or classic (AMTM12) ECG acquisition modules.
  • Best 10 technology selects and shows the 10 seconds of data with the least amount of noise, cutting down on clinical review time and ECG repeats.
  • For ECG acquisition and retrieval of ECG transmission orders, a full keyboard with one-touch operation is available.
  • To provide a silent second opinion, VERITASĀ® Resting ECG Interpretation with gender-specific and adult and paediatric criteria is used.
  • Support for up to three clinical research protocols at the same time.

Product Details

For a more confident interpretation, it delivers established ECG performance, digital integration, and VERITASTM algorithm accuracy with more than 30 years of expertise.The unique WAMTM wireless acquisition module or the AM12TM acquisition module are both available. Replaceable lead wires, a lead failure warning, and a remote control with buttons for ECG capture and rhythm printing are all included in both.
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