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From 18 September 2015 To 20 September 2015ACE 2015, Kochi

DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd along with its international partners is participating this year in ACE 2015, Kochi with some new and exciting technologies in the field of ART. Visit Us on stall no. P5 to know more.. Date: 18-20 Septemeber 2015, Le Meridian , Kochi

From 8 September 2013 To 15 September 2013Bangalore Microscopy course 2013 (Sep 8-15, 2013) at NCBS, Bangalore

The fifh Bangalore Microscopy Course scheduled for september 8-15, 2013 at the National Center for Biological Sciences(NCBS) in Bangalore,India.The course provided didactic and hands-on training in a variety of light microscopy techniques and is taught by outstanding international leaders in Microscopy. The couse is designed for graduate and postdoctoral fellows.This is truly international course and aapplications will be entertained from across the globe. The course is also supported by DSS IMAGETECH PVT LTD. For further information, please visit: http://www.ncbs.res.in/events/microscopy2013/index.html

from 28 May 2013 To 30 May 2013Course on Advanced Microscopy and Imaging Techniques(May 28-30th 2013) @ IISER,Mohali

DSS Imagetech along with Olympus, tokyo and Photometrics USA is organizing a three days workshop in IISER, Mohali. The event included hands-on experience on high end microscope and imaging cameras in the feild of Life Sciences and also the scientific lectures on some of the major techniques of Microscopy and Imaging.

From 2 June 2011 To 3 June 2011Workshop on Laser Micro Dissection & Optical Tweezing at IISc, Bangalore

DSS Imagetech's Micro Imaging division has organized a workshop on Laser Micro Dissection and Optical Twwezing along with Molecular Machines & Industries,Switzerland at IISc, Bangalore on 2nd and 3rd of June 2011.

From 13 December 2010 To 15 December 2010Live Cell Imaging Workshop: 13th-15th Dec at IISc, Bangalore during SBCI 2010 conference

Photometric and DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd. is conducting a Live Cell Imaging Workshop from 13th December 2010 to 15th December 2010 at IISc, Bangalore during the Society of Biological Chemists 2010 Conference. The workshop will have dedicated session from 1pm to 3pm for selected candidates who will be selected during the conference on first come first basis. The other interested people can join us all day from 9:30 am onwards for all three days. The event highlight is a talk by D. Xiaotao Pan Applications Specialist, Roper Industries, Singapore. Come and join the world of LIVE CELL IMAGING with us!

From 30 November 2010 To 3 December 2010French-Indian Inter-Academic Symposium on Infectious Diseases

DSS took part in the French-Indian Inter-Academic Symposium on Infectious Diseases held at National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi from 30th November, 2010 to 3rd December, 2010. DSS represented Abbott Molecular, TaKaRa, Clontech, Macherey-Nagel, Carestream Molecular Imaging, Capital Bio and SensoQuest at the stall in the conference venue.

From 15 November 2010 To 19 November 2010Dako Road Show: 15th November 2010 - 19th November 2010

Dako and DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd. invite you for an interactive evening on “Standardization in IHC: Challenges and Solutions” at a city of your choice ranging from Hyderabad – 15th November to Chennai – 17th November to Delhi – 19th November. The presentation series will lead you through the many steps of immunohistochemistry. It aims to ease the challenges posed to anatomic pathology labs everywhere in terms of both skill and standardized process requirements. The event highlight is a talk by Prof. Bharat Jasani, Head, Department of Pathology, University of Wales College of Medicine on “Standardization and Quality Assurance in Immunohistochemistry: Challenges in Diagnostic Bio-Marking of Breast Cancer”. Come and join us as we spin a yarn just for you!

From 15 November 2010 To 17 November 2010International Conference on Radiation Biology (ICRB 2010)

DSS participated in the International Conference on Radiation Biology (ICRB 2010) held at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai from 15th November, 2010 to 17th November, 2010. The main focus of the conference was on nanotechnology, imaging science & stem cell research in radiation oncology. Abbott Molecular and Carestream were represented at the conference.

12 November 2010 To 14 November 2010International Conference on Genomic Sciences (ICGS 2010)

DSS took part in the International Conference on Genomic Sciences (ICGS 2010) held at Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU), Madurai from 12th November, 2010 to 14th November, 2010. The conference displayed the numerous breakthroughs and most recent developments in the various fields of Genomic Sciences and their relevance to the welfare of mankind. DSS represented TaKaRa Clontech, Macherey-Nagel, Digilab Genomic Solutions, Carestream, Capital Bio and SensoQuest at the DSS stall in the conference venue.

From 23 August 2010 To 7 September 2010Abbott Molecular Service Training, Wiesbaden-Delkenheim, Germany

In order to further strengthen our commitment to our customers, DSS sent two of its service engineers to Germany for an extensive training on Abbott Molecular instruments from 23rd August 2010 to 7th September 2010. Mr. Surender Kumar (third from right) & Mr. Thilak Kumar (center) successfully completed the training on m2000 System Level 1 for FSS under Dr. Gabriele Schroder (first from right) as well as m2000sp Level 2 and m2000rt Level 2 training under Mr. Gwenhael Born at the Abbott Molecular Training Center in Wiesbaden-Delkenheim, Germany. We firmly believe that after this training, our service engineers will be better equipped to handle customer issues and in the shortest duration of time.

From 17 June 2010 To 19 June 2010Course on optical sectioning

DSS Micro-Imaging with support

From 24 May 2010 To 25 May 2010Medicity Workshop on Breast Cancer Awareness in association with Abbott Molecular was conducted on 24th & 25th May, 2010.

Medicity Workshop on Breast Cancer Awareness in association with Abbott Molecular was conducted on 24th & 25th May, 2010.

From 18 May 2010 To 22 May 2010Demonstration Of FV10i,FSX100

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From 16 March 2010 To 19 March 2010Fluorescence 2009

The Micro-Imaging Division is

From 24 January 2010 To 25 January 2010Advances in Molecular Medicine

An International Symposium on