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iLED® 7 Surgical Light

Hillrom iLED® 7 Surgical Light in India

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iLED® 7 Surgical Light
Clinical requirements, patient safety, and convenience of use are always top priorities at Hillrom when developing new products.
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Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent 3D Sensor Technology, which maintains continuous monitoring surgical area distance
  • Automatic adaptation of the light conditions-Focusing, Eliminates Manual readjustment
  • Active shadow management for consistent illumination even with obstacle in the light beam.
  • Automatic light management, which maintains pattern size , intensity and color consistent.
  • Active Light Condition Management
  • Keep light condition stable
  • Illumination stay consistent over working distance
  • Maximum 160000 Lux (80-130 cm or 0.8m, 1m and 1.3 m
  • Smart Modularity
  • One size light head for all applications
  • Modularity for use with camera, standard handle, SLC handle and disposable handles
  • Smart Controls
  • Surgical Light or Truvidia Wireless Video camera
  • Light Depiction
  • Action Range
  • Intensity
  • Information of Current Settings
  • Colour Temperature
  • Light Field Size

Product Details

As a result, the iLED® 7 Surgical Light's unique technology allows OR professionals to work in optimal illumination settings at all times. The automated lighting management system analyses the surgical site in real time using the newest 3D sensor technologies. The light automatically adapts to the environment and eliminates the need for human adjustment. Furthermore, an advanced shadow management system guarantees that undesirable shadows, such as those created by the surgeon's head, are immediately adjusted for. The surgeons are able to completely comprehend the situation.
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