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IVF Cabinet - EmbryoS@fe II

EUROCLONE IVF Cabinet - EmbryoS@fe II  in India

IVF Cabinet - EmbryoS@fe II
Embryos@fe are Cabinet for stem cells manipulation supplied with 2 sockets, 1 flow meter, 1 heated surface (placed on the left), 1 heated glass stage. It includes 1 High Level illumination base (ILLB) for Olympus SZX series stereomicroscopes.
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Features & Benefits

  • ThermoHeat Technology - based heated built-in work surface(s).
    • ThermoHeat Technology is EuroClone exclusive heating technology based on an inert polymer heating matrix derived from aerospace applications.
    • It ensures uniform heating without thermal shocks and overshooting even when colder items are placed on the warm area.
  • Continuous monitoring of front barrier airflow for the highest operator safety
  • Multilevel Alarms (visual and acoustic) with redundancy functions
  • Monitor housing is designed to avoid any airflow disturbance.
  • Offers connectivity to microscope camera(s)

Product Details

Embryos@fe II are IVF workstations designed to provide a high retention efficiency as defined by the European Standard for Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets (EN 12469:2000). They are equipped with two HEPA H14 Class Filters with 99.995% overall collection efficiency on 0.1-0.2 m (MPPS) [EN1822-1 tested and certified] and provide partial recirculation (70% recirculates through main HEPA H14 filter; 30% exhausts through the exhaust HEPA H14 filter) to ensure Product, Operator and Environment protection.

They also guarantee ISO 5 (according to ISO 14644-1 Standard) / Class 100 (according to FED Std 209 E) working environment cleanliness.
Microprocessor controlled vane anemometer continuously monitors the cabinet airflows to ensure a front barrier air speed > 0.5 m/s and an average down flow speed of 0,4 m/s.

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