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It completely embraces the principle of the ""lean lab"", keeping away from working pinnacles and adjusting operator time for a developed work process. The acute specimen can be handled throughout the daytime cycles, by either utilizing the mechanized or double run abilities of the LOGOS EVO. With its hybrid technology, the LOGOS EVO prompts extraordinarily better outcomes while handling huge and fatty specimens that are ordinarily done overnight. The time and number of cassettes might rely upon tissue type and convention utilized.

LOGOS EVO is truly the next step in Tissue Processor Evolution!

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Features & Benefits

  • High productivity: up to 300 cassettes, 24 Super Mega cassettes, 40 slim Super Mega cassette
  • No limits in samples thickness with both Standard and Super Mega cassettes
  • Xylene and Xylene-free protocols; Formalin and formalin-free protocols
  • Dual reagents circuits
  • Open reagent system (no proprietary reagents) and the possibility of alternative Fixative
  • Direct reagents exchange via commercial tanks, even during processing. No waiting time
  • Direct reagents exchange via commercial tanks, even during processing. No waiting time
  • Smart Reagent Management System with dedicated connectors and barcodes scanning
  • Paraffin is always ready to use (no pre-heating cycle needed)
  • Fully automatic or continuous Dual processing with neither post-run retort cleaning cycles nor wax transfer
  • Hybrid heating system: electric resistance + microwave heating for an optimized processing
  • No tissues pre-treatment
  • No downtime for post-run cleaning cycle (Dual Mode)
  • Unit always ready on demand
  • Visual unit status via LED lights
  • Isolated and vented working area/reagents drawer with charcoal and dust pack filters
  • Easy and intuitive software, icon-driven touch screen
  • UPS module and Safe Mode as tissue protection procedure in case of power failure
  • Double cavity system (with a dedicated impregnation cavity)
  • Antimicrobial powder coating
  • Mile Watch: 24/7 remote system surveillance and sample/case ID Track & Trace
  • Synergy Automatic Embedding system for an All-in-One system Rapid on-demand processing 50 mins for needle biopsies (fixation included)

Product Details

Milestone tissue processors utilize cutting edge innovation, programming, and reagents to improve productivity and safety - combined with a green methodology. The new LOGOS EVO embraces these qualities and offers new highlights for quicker and, surprisingly, more reliable processing.

Conventional tissue processors frequently run as it were short-term, as they utilize a solitary convention in any case of the sort and thickness of the specimens. This has a big effect on the work process and completion time. The LOGOS EVO makes the cycle up multiple times quicker furthermore, more proficient thanks to its hybrid technology.

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