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Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Epidural

Blue Phantom Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Epidural in India

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Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Epidural

The puncture trainer can be positioned in the upright or lateral decubitus position allowing users to accurately position the model for appropriate training sessions. For lumbar puncture and lumbar epidural procedures the use of external landmarks as the iliac crests can be palpated in the model to initially orient the user to the proper access points.

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The Lumbar Puncture trainer's tissue module is synonymous with realism and contains the entire lumbar spine, skin tissue, ligamentum flavum, epidural space, dura, subarachnoid membrane, and subarachnoid cistern containing cerebral spinal fluid. Blue Phantom's Lumbar Puncture trainer with Spinal Epidural access can be employed for full procedural training. Users can inject local anesthetics, introduce the needle to the epidural space and/or subarachnoid space (performs “spinal taps”), thread catheters, infuse simulated anesthetics, and obtain manometer measurements – all while experiencing a realistic tissue response including the pop encountered when traversing the ligamentum flavum, loss of resistance when entering the epidural space, and cerebral spinal fluid flow when the spinal cistern is accurately accessed. The cerebral spinal fluid pressures can be easily increased in order to simulate pathological scenarios.

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