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Milk Allergen Kit

DSS Imagetech Milk Allergen Kit in India

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Milk Allergen Kit
Milk Allergen Kit (100 RXNS)
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The DSS Milk Allergen kit is designed for rapid identification of Milk allergen in food products, bakery industry, processed food, etc. This assay is rapid, sensitive, and specific to milk allergen. The kit contains milk allergen-specific primers for real-time PCR, dye premix, and positive control of milk allergen.
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How many times we can use a milk testing kit?

This kit is for 100 reactions. We can test 100 samples with this kit.

What is the DSS ImageTech milk testing kit used for?

We have various kits for milk testing. These can be used for percent ratio estimation of cow buffalo and A1/A2 in mixed milk, Milk allergen testing in food products.

How does the milk testing kit work?

This is quantitative real-time PCR based kits. You need to extract the DNA and analyse with various DSS milk testing kits as per the parameters.

Is the milk testing kit sensitive to trace amounts of milk allergen?

Yes, Milk Allergen testing kit has a limit of detection up to 1 PPM.

Can the milk testing kit be used for other allergens besides milk?

No. This can test only milk allergen. We have separate kits for each allergen, i.e. Mustard, Soya, Peanut, Egg, etc.