NeuroVRTM Neurosurgery Simulator

CAE NeuroVRTM Neurosurgery Simulator In India in India

NeuroVRTM Neurosurgery Simulator
The world’s most advanced virtual reality neurosurgery simulator
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Features & Benefits

  • Extensive range of exercises derived from actual patient images User-friendly graphical interface with touchscreen Switch between stereoscopic microscope view and 2-D indirect endoscopic view Realistic scope lens blurring and rinsing Immediate and cumulative metrics to track proficiency goals Performance feedback includes procedure duration, errors and instrument force Modules Instrument handling Suction Ultrasonic Aspirator Bipolar Forceps Microscissors Fundamental skills Burr Hole Selection Endoscopic Ventricular Landmarks Endoscopic Ventricular Test Endoscopic Nasal Navigation Nasal Debridement Hemostasis (3 cases) Tumor Debulking (4 cases) Tumor Resection (2 cases) Fiber Exposure and Cutting Aneurysm Exposure Endoscopic surgery Sphenoid Ostium Drilling Ethmoidectomy ETV Floor Perforation Microsurgery Meningioma (3 cases) Glioma

Product Details

With NeuroVRTM, both residents and surgeons can practice open cranial and endoscopic brain surgery skills and procedures in a validated training environment. NeuroVR simulates open neurosurgical procedures and captures objective metrics on technique, performance, and completion time.
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