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EVIDENT Olympus DP23 in India

Laboratory Microscope Camera: Designed for routine life science and clinical research microscopy imaging, the DP23 digital microscope camera’s combination of smart features and good color reproduction provides high-quality images in an easy-to-use camera.
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Features & Benefits

  • Fast Microscope Camera: Quickly capture images with the level of detail required for most life science imaging applications.

- 6.4-megapixel high resolution at 45 frames per second (fps)
- Designed for local and remote image sharing for conference and consultation
- 60 fps full HD live images
- Fast HD Microscope Camera

Product Details

Other Features

  • Accurate Color Rendering: The DP23 camera realizes good color reproduction on your monitor.

- Dedicated ICC profiles show your samples in their natural colors
- Common life science dyes look the way you expect them to
- Use with Olympus’ TruColor LED light source and the BX53 microscope for a complete color-optimized system

  • Large Field of View Microscope Camera: See more of your sample with an incredibly large field of view (FOV) up to FN25.

- Images are sharp, flat, and in focus from the center to the periphery
- Use with our latest optics—including X Line objectives and a 0.35X camera adaptor designed for a wide FOV— to maximize the camera’s potential
- *Your microscope system must be compatible with an FN25 FOV.

  • Easily Share Microscope Camera Images: Make your collaborations more efficient. All your critical data—images, annotation, and live measurements—can be easily displayed and shared together locally or remotely.

  • Share images and data using cellSens software with the NetCam solution or remote image sharing feature* with network sharing in the standalone camera control module

- Simple click-to-start image sharing
- Support for NIST, GDPR, and antivirus software* for safer sharing
- *Remote image sharing and antivirus software are optional.

  • The DP23 is not for clinical diagnostic use.

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