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Peripheral Doppler Ultrasound Training Model

Blue Phantom Peripheral Doppler Ultrasound Training Model in India

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Peripheral Doppler Ultrasound Training Model

This easy to navigate Doppler ultrasound training model can be manually switched to provide pulsed flow or continuous flow in the blood vessels. Users can acquire blood flow profiles using any ultrasound system configured with Doppler ultrasound thus providing users a consistent and repeatable training environment.

The Training model is also ideal for training users in ultrasound guided vascular access procedures. All of the blood vessels contained in the model can be repeatedly cannulated and offers extremely realistic and durable performance.

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The Peripheral Doppler Ultrasound Training model offers impressive 2-D and Doppler flow characteristics supporting users in learning and teaching how to use ultrasound for the assessment of peripheral arterial and venous blood flow. Using ultrasound sonography with any commercial ultrasound system, the phantom can be used to assess the brachial and basilic vessels of the upper arm as well as the radial and ulnar arteries and the cephalic and median cubital veins of the lower arm. Choosing between pulsatile or continuous flow, one can utilize a variety of Doppler techniques to assess the vascular structures in the model including; color Doppler (color flow Doppler), pulsed Doppler, color power Doppler, and continuous wave Doppler.

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