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DNA Flow Technology

DNA Flow Technology


We provide a wide range of Molecular Diagnostic Systems for the synchronised identification of boards of microorganisms and markers, based on multiplex PCR or RT/PCR and following hybridization utilizing the DNA-FLOW techniques. It is a creative innovation of mechanized automatic flow-through reversed hybridization on a microarray of a porous layer that contains explicit oligonucleotides to each marker. The target DNAs endure the membrane by a vertical vacuum flow, which stimulates the interaction with their particular and integral DNA probes immobilized on the permeable membrane, in a three-dimensional environment, as resisted to the conventional dot-blot techniques, in which hybridization happens latently. Therefore, the cycle stimulates, and the affectability grows, reducing the reaction capacities and the absolute approach time from a few hours to a few minutes. It gives the platform for fast examinations in membrane-based reverse dot blot hybridization method. DNA target molecules are directed to complementary acquisition probes immobilised in the matrix pores. The reaction between the target DNA and probes in a three-dimensional environment appears in high signal intensity in a short period.

When the binding among the particular amplicons and their relating tests has occurred, the sign is seen through an immunoenzymatic colourimetric reaction with Streptavidin−Alkaline Phosphatase and the NBT/BCIP chromogen, producing insoluble precipitates in the membrane in those circumstances where there has been hybridization. The cycle is done consequently in the hybriSpot platforms and the results are analysed with the hybriSoft software.

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