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PST 500 Precision Surgical Table

Hillrom PST 500 Precision Surgical Table in India

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PST 500 Precision Surgical Table
This adaptable, simple-to-use table can handle the high volume and variety of operations medical staff see on a daily basis, allowing them to better serve the patients and streamline workflow.
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Features & Benefits

  • With its various articulation ranges, the perfect posture is always within reach with the versatile Tabletop.
  • Because of the table's lightweight components and self-aligning hook-coupling point system, setup and changes are quick and simple.
  • Cleanliness is aided by smooth surfaces.
  • ± 30° tilt.
  • Table statuses such as brake setting, battery level, and error condition are communicated via color-coded LED lights, eliminating alarm fatigue among your clinical personnel.
  • C-arm access is simple with almost 15.75" (40 cm) of tabletop slide, and carbon fibre components permit 360° imaging.
  • Collision Avoidance System (CCS) to prevent collisions.
  • For rapid access and convenience of usage, all working elements are color-coded.
  • Dual castors and standard 5th wheel help you move the table where you need it.
  • One Table, Multiple Surgeries
  • BARIATRIC: Split leg for laparoscopic gastric procedure.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR : Supine position for cardiovascular procedures, including C-arm access.
  • THYROID : Supine position for thyroid surgery.
  • KIDNEY : Lateral position for nephrectomy or thoracic surgery.
  • RECTAL : Frontal posture kneeling position for rectal or lower spine surgery.
  • GYNECOLOGY/UROLOGY : Lithotomy position for gynecological or urology surgery.
  • HIP : Extension set to support leg traction and hip arthroscopy.
  • SHOULDER : Beach chair position for arthroscopy and open shoulder surgical cases.
  • HAND : Hand extension attachment for upper extremity fixation and support.
  • FEMUR AND HIP : Minimally invasive (MIS) hip arthroplasty.
  • KNEE : Free access for arthroscopy
  • SPINE : Spine surgery with high C-arm access.
  • NEUROSURGERY : Neurosurgery in sitting position to support posterior cranial surgeries, and 360° imaging capability with specific carbon components.
  • 360° NEUROSURGERY : Flexible head positioning with 3-joint adaptor for 3D neurosurgery.

Product Details

Because a good surgical table is more than just a table, the it's cornerstone for good treatment. And everything is possible with a good foundation.
The PST 500 is adaptable to the many surgical procedures you undertake on a daily basis. Simply arrange the table and accessories to create the optimum treatment platform.
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