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S@fe3 - Class III MicroBiological Safety Cabinets

S@fe3 - Class III MicroBiological Safety Cabinets
S@fe3 are Class III microbiological safety cabinets.
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Features & Benefits

  • Controls comfortably located at eye level
  • Fan speed and aeraulic controlled by Microprocessor
  • Three operating modes: normal, stand-by, calibration H
  • igh speed rinse at start up
  • Self calibration and internal Watch-dog cycle before “SAFE” condition is reached
  • Visual display of “SAFE” conditions and “UNSAFE” conditions (LED and bar graph)
  • Elapsed time meter Microprocessor control with following specifications:
    • Multilevel alarms, with redundancy functions.
    • Permanent display of working conditions.
    • High air flow stability both in case of transitional disturbances or to progressive filter clogging
    • Power failure alarm Volt-free contact for remote monitoring of exhaust fan.
  • Automatic reset of initial conditions in case of power failure
  • C-shaped support stand for easy one man installation procedure
  • Anti blow back valve (optional) for ducted configuration
  • Magnehelic Gauge for internal chamber pressure constant monitoring
  • One (1) Electrical Socket (1.2), two (2) Electrical Socket (1.8 size) as standard option. UV-Light installed on top (standard option)

Product Details

S@fe3 are Class III microbiological safety cabinets supplied in two comfortable sizes (1.2mt and 1.8mt). These Microbiological Safety Cabinets, are manufactured according to EN12469:2000.
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