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Molecular Machines & Industries Software Products in India

Software Products

MMI CellTools – The Intuitive Software Platform for All MMI Systems

MMI CellTools is intended to join the operation of the microscope just as all MMI single-cell confinement and control devices, accordingly giving full control of the whole system in one simple to utilize the platform.

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Adjusting the XY-stage, camera, laser and lighting conditions is simple and helpful. Automated microscope instrument capacities, for example, objective or fluorescence turret changes can rapidly be started directly from the software.

Each toolbar gives instinctive symbols coordinated in a few work process-oriented sub-menus. Also, it offers an enormous live view window enabling you to screen your sample during all means of the single-cell isolation process.

MMI CellExplorer – Cell Recognition Software

The MMI CellExplorer is the main cell acknowledgement programming bundle specifically intended for working with single or rare cells. It has mostly been created to find, count, sort and measure microscopic items. The recognition cycle first screen utilizing colour, either brightfield or in fluorescence. Tweaking is then accomplished utilizing a scope of morphologically related variables.

Round shapes (undifferentiated cells), for example, can be automatically recognized from oval structures (separated cells). Articles lying adjoining each other are naturally isolated and counted. At long last, the discovered article shapes can automatically be optimised for additional application steps, for instance, laser cutting.

The MMI CellExplorer software includes complex image pre-processing that can be performed preceding object finding. For this reason, a wide range of channels is accessible, for example, image sharpness, colour intensity, splendour or gamma amendments.

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