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HyperSpectral imaging represents an enabling technology for a broad spectrum of applications in biomedical imaging.
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It combines spectroscopy, multi-dimensional imaging and computing to define the chemical composition of a biological specimen. The underlying principle is the simultaneous measurement of the detailed spectrum of every pixel in the image captured by the CCD array of the digital camera. HyperSpectral Imaging can be used to obtain fluorescence or bright field spectra, such as absorption, transmission, or reflection. The HyperSpectral image allows you to precisely locate chemical constituents providing unique and unparalleled insights into the molecular origin, formulation and phase of the observed living entity.

GenASI’s HyperSpectral platform is based on Fourier Transform Spectroscopy . The system simultaneously measures the spectra for each point in the image (pixel) in the visual and low-near infrared (NIR) range. The system can be attached to any microscope.
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