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Stereo Investigator

MBF BIOSCIENCE Stereo Investigator in India

Stereo Investigator
Stereo Investigator is designed to help you obtain the most efficient, precise, and unbiased estimate of cell populations, as well as morphometric properties of biological structures.
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Stereo Investigator is advanced scientific software for design-based stereology. It can analyze data from multiple modalities: using live images from digital or video cameras; stored image sets from confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, and scanning tomographic sources, or through the microscope oculars using our patented LucividTM.
Stereo Investigator controls a motorized XYZ stage for integrated navigation through tissue sections, allowing for effortless measurement through many fields-ofview. Stereo Investigator’s Serial Section Manager integrates unlimited sections into a single data file, maintaining each section in aligned 3D space for stereological analysis and systematic random sampling. It may be used to analyze isotropic, vertical, or preferentially cut sections. The estimation results and confidence levels are calculated and displayed on demand, or can be exported. Stereo Investigator also features sophisticated tools for anatomical mapping. These mapping tools can be used to delineate regions of interest for stereological estimators, to map cell distributions, to prepare anatomical maps for publication, and to perform detailed morphometric analyses. Stereo Investigator offers the most comprehensive implementation of stereological probes and methods available.
Plug-in modules are available for confocal and MRI analysis, 3D solid modeling, and virtual slide creation.

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