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TL 5000

Hillrom TL 5000 in India

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TL 5000
Hillrom's product development is guided by the goal to set new benchmarks with innovative solutions.
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Features & Benefits

  • High-quality TVH Camera is integrated to TL 5000 Lights.
  • The Adaptive Light Control sensor detects the distance to the surgical site and automatically changes the lighting.
  • The Sterile Light Regulation allows for quick and sterile control of light intensity thanks to the use of capacitive sensors in the sterile hand grip of the light head.
  • Color temperature and pattern size can be adjusted to suit any surgical technique.
  • Through the integration of video equipment for digital transmission in HD format, an optimal communication platform is created.
  • Because of the unique lens / LED combination, it produces very little heat and produces a lot of light.
  • Low power consumption, thanks to a long-lasting LED light system free of heavy metals.
  • Increased power and efficiency for a uniform light distribution on the surface and depths.
  • Ergonomics have improved as a result of individual contrast optimization.
  • Comfortable operation and maximum illumination at working distances up to 1 metre.
  • Different Models available based on specific needs
  • TruLight™ 5500
  • TruLight™ 5510
  • TruLight™ 5520
  • TruLight™ 5300
  • TruLight™ 5310
  • TruLight™ 5320

Product Details

This strategy resulted in the latest OR Lighting generation, TruLightTM 5000. The TruLight 5000 Surgical Light combines adaptability and efficiency to give you the simplicity of use and investment security you need to future-proof your hospital.
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