Training at DSS Imagetech

DSS not only brings new products and technologies to life sciences labs in India. It also ensures a smooth transfer of technology by providing relevant training to its customers. 
Training can be done either at the customers’ lab or at the DSS head office. In addition to its in-house specialists, DSS also partners with highly recognized faculty from the Indian scientific fraternity or engages foreign experts to provide greater in-depth knowledge of the particular technology to Indian researchers or clinicians.
The training focuses on High-end Microscopy techniques, Molecular Diagnostics and a range of Molecular Biology technologies. Customized training services are offered as well.


  • Molecular Diagnostics

    Molecular Diagnostics

    • Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) for the diagnosis of Haematological Cancers, Breast Cancer and Prenatal & Post-natal Genetic Disorders including sample preparation and training on Cytogentic workstation for FISH and even Karyotyping.
    • ImmunoHistoChemistry (IHC) – A Diagnostic Tool for Cancer Detection
    • Viral Load Testing through RT-PCR for Infectious Diseases like HIV, HPV, HCV
    • PCR based Molecular Diagnostics for STDs – Chlaymydia, Nisseria etc.
    • Interphase Chromosome Profiling (ICP)
  • Molecular Biology Based Food Testing

    Molecular Biology based Food Testing

    • Pathogen, Allergen, for Food Processing Industries
    • GMO testing
    • Milk – Pathogen, Species Identification, Adulteration.
  • Microscopy Techniques


    • Basic Microscopy techniques including anatomy of microscopes, image capturing, image analysis, live cell imaging etc.
    • Advanced Microscopy Techniques like Confocal, TIRF, FRET & FRAP, Super Resolution STED, Multi-Photon
    • Microscopy based IVF techniques like ICSI, Peizo assisted Hatching, Computerised Sperm Analysis etc.