Transvaginal Ultrasound Training Model

CAE Transvaginal Ultrasound Training Model in India

Transvaginal Ultrasound Training Model
The Blue Phantom transvaginal ultrasound training phantom offers users an excellent training platform for learning endovaginal ultrasound procedures using their own ultrasound system. Practice image acquisition, interpretation, and the psychomotor skills necessary to perform transvaginal ultrasound exams while learning to identify normal pelvic structures and pathologies.
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Features & Benefits

  • Accurately mimics the feel and imaging characteristics of an actual endovaginal ultrasound exam
  • Train where you want, when you want without risks associated with using live patients
  • Excellent for validating clinical competency
  • Available pathologies include ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine pregnancy, combination intrauterine/ectopic pregnancy and general pathology