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TruBaby X

TruCorp TruBaby X in India

TruBaby X
A complete solution for pediatric clinical skills training.
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Product Details

TurBaby X pediatric clinical skills training model is an ideal model for anesthetists, nurses & other pediatric emergency medical professionals practicing Directly Observed Practical Skills (DOPS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and critical emergency medicine including infant airway management, CPR, IV cannulation, peripheral venous cannulation, PICC line insertion, needle thoracentesis & chest drain, urethral catheterization and lumbar puncture.

TruBaby X is an incredibly lifelike model with the appearance, size, movement as well as weight of a 5-month-old infant. This model can be used along with the TruCorp patient monitor simulator to integrate and assist clinical decision-making with medical technique training.

  • Realistic & durable AirSim X airway with 5-year warranty

  • Realistic movement including head tilt, chin lift & jaw thrust

  • Interchangeable head in case of repairs

  • Realistic rib structures including xiphoid process & clavicle

  • Palpable landmarks in the 2nd intercostal space midclavicular line & 5th intercostal space midaxillary line

  • Palpable vertebrae landmarks

  • Lumbar puncture can be practiced at L3-L4 & L4-L5 spine locations

  • Proximal tibia interosseous needle insertion site

  • Contains tibial tuberosity anatomy & patella anatomy

  • Realistic anatomy to practice inserting catheter tube to extract urine

  • Option for interchangeable male and female genitalia

  • Optional arm facilitates ultrasound-guided IV & PICC line insertion

  • Fully enclosed fluid management system giving realistic blood flashback & flow

  • Allows needle cannulation at various various locations in hand, arm & foot with realistic blood flashback

  • Realistic look & feel of tissues

  • Lifelike responsiveness during procedure training

  • Set-up time is less than 5 minutes

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