Ultrasound Simulator

CAE Ultrasound Simulator in India

Ultrasound Simulator
Vimedix is an innovative ultrasound training platform that allows trainees to learn ultrasound more easily and more quickly without any risk to actual patients. The simulator consists of a realistic manikin, simulated ultrasound probes and a software platform that provides modular instructional content and an extensive pathology library.
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CAE Healthcare’s Vimedix ultrasound simulator provides an innovative training experience that can meet the specific needs and schedules of both instructors and trainees. The sophistication of the platform allows faculty to adjust the level of difficulty, while the user-friendly interface and virtual instructor provides the flexibility of self-directed learning. Vimedix also has one of the largest libraries of pathologies developed in collaboration with clinical experts and reputed institutions. With metrics that have been validated in peer-reviewed scientific publications and an unparalleled learning experience, Vimedix is the ultrasound simulator of choice for your trainees.
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