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Abbott RealTime HPV Assay

ABBOTT MOLECULAR Abbott RealTime HPV Assay in India

Abbott RealTime HPV Assay
Abbott RealTime High Risk HPV provides clinically proven and validated results allowing for improved and effi cient patient management in cervical cancer screening.
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Features & Benefits

  • One Assay – three results:
    • Detection of 14 HPV high risk types
    • Typing of HPV 16
    • Typing of HPV 18
  • Detection of single and mixed infections
  • Solutions for low, medium to high throughput laboratories up to 96 tests per run
  • Two external controls per run (up to 96 batch size)
  • Automation with m2000 System Family

Product Details

Women infected with HPV 16 and / or HPV 18 have a an increased risk of progression to dysplasia and cervical cancer compared to women infected with other high risk HPV genotypes. Detection of the 14 high risk HPV genotypes and genotyping of HPV 16 and HPV 18 allow for improved risk assessment and patient management. The Abbott RealTime High Risk HPV assay enables the laboratory to be ONE STEP AHEAD by detecting the 14 High Risk HPV genotypes and identifying HPV genotypes 16 and 18 WITH ONE SINGLE ASSAY. The assay provides the necessary information for optimal patient stratification and allows for timely and cost effective HPV testing by consolidating the two diagnostic tools of screening and genotyping, thus saving time and money.

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