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EVIDENT CM30 in India

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Formulating cell cultures can be an expensive, complicated, and time-consuming procedure.
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Features & Benefits

  • Multipoint Cell Culture Monitoring - Creating and keeping a standardized cell culture workflow can help mitigate growth rate variations generated by aspects such as contamination, user bias, and cell culture media.
  • Label-Free Cell Monitoring - With the CM30 system, there is no necessity to stain or dissociate the cultures to review their status. It develops quantitative data from label-free cells, reducing the chance of harm to your cultures.
  • Leave Your Cultures in the Incubator- The monitor lets you track the healthiness of cell cultures without extracting them from the incubator, reducing the risk of contamination or damage from temperature changes and vibration.
  • Consistent Results Throughout Your Lab - The monitor automatically records compliance data that can be effortlessly stored, reused, and transferred to decrease training time and help ensure that different users are applying the same analysis parameters.
  • Cost-Effective - Every time you enter the clean room, there is a functioning cost for consumables and goods. Reduce costs by remotely. Check the status with your PC or tablet.
  • Supports Various Vessels - CM30 incubation monitoring system has a compact, flat design that accommodates most standard cell culture vessels.

Product Details

Now, there is a simple way with the CM30 incubation monitoring system. The CM30 system delivers quantitative data remotely—set the CM30 with your cell cultures in the incubator, and the system will periodically scan it, count the number of cells, and define confluency. The data are wirelessly communicated to a PC or a tablet via an optional router, so you can observe your culture's progress without entering the clean room.

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