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EVIDENT EP50 in India

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Putting wireless (WLAN) capabilities into a science classroom empowers students to achieve together interactively. The compliance offered by wireless connectivity enhances efficiency, helping educators save time and reduce costs.
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Features & Benefits

Inspiring Enthusiasm:

  • The EP50 camera can make its wireless network with the help of a USB WLAN connector, yet it can likewise be integrated into LAN networks utilizing its USB-to-Ethernet connector.
  • The whole classroom can connect to the camera without stretch interface with the camera and utilize the free EPview application for mobile devices and software for computers as well as for laptops.
  • The basic and interface enable students and teachers to easily capture, process, and store sample images.

Interactive Learning:

  • Teachers and students can quickly access live microscope pictures, making the classroom an interactive space.
  • Images can be shared with the whole class, enabling open discussion between students and teachers based on live models.
  • Direct output of HDMI and WLAN is available.

Improved Learning Process:

  • Advanced Learning Process Display live images directly on a Full HD monitor using the HDMI output with no additional hardware demanded.
  • The onboard interface enables users to regulate the camera through its simple on-screen icons—only a monitor and mouse are required.
  • Image and movie files are often stored on an SD card for sharing and further investigation.

Product Details

Every microscope provided with a WLAN-empowered EP50 camera becomes a wireless imaging system. Stream 5-megapixel images and Full HD videos to mobile devices by connecting through the camera’s WLAN signal and enabled PCs and laptops. Installation of the camera is easy. Its stand-alone functionality is empowered by installed imaging programming, making extra PC equipment superfluous.

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