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Erythrocyte Lysis Solution

GENIAL GENETICS Erythrocyte Lysis Solution in India

Erythrocyte Lysis Solution
ELS (Erythrocyte Lysis Solution) is a ProCell Cytogenetics Reagent that lyses red blood cells, sometimes found in amniotic fluid and bone marrow samples.
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ProCell Cytogenetics Reagents product range was developed in collaboration with scientists working in a clinical oncology cytogenetics unit. The ProCell range is designed to improve culture failure rates, mitotic index, metaphase spreading, banding resolution and overall quality of bone marrow, lymphoma, solid tumour, blood, CVS and Amniocentesis samples for cytogenetic analysis.

Erythrocyte Lysis Solution is a simple pretreatment of heavily blood-stained amniotic fluid samples which quickly removes heavy red blood cell (erythrocyte) contamination. Unlike many similar products used in molecular biology that lysis red blood cells, this product is extremely gentle in its action and is specially suited for cell culture work. It is well documented that high concentrations of red blood cells inhibit growth of cells from amniotic fluid by restricting colony size. This product will not prevent maternal contamination from occurring because it has no effect on white blood cells.

ELS works by lysing red blood cells, sometimes found in amniotic fluid and bone marrow samples. These can prohibit growth by restricting colony size. ELS gently lyses the red blood cells without being toxic to the cells that are to be cultured. ELS can also be used on bone marrow cultures.
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