3i Marianas in India

Marianas incorporates advanced optics, cameras, computers and proprietary electronics to achieve unparalleled speed, precision and flexibility in live cell image acquisition.
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Marianas is equipped for both live and fixed cell widefield epifluorescence applications as well as transmitted illumination techniques. Common uses include:
3D deconvolution
large format montage
ratiometric imaging
multidimensional imaging (6D applications)
Advanced options further expand the capabilities of this system to address a wide variety of applications. These options include:
Spinning Disk Confocal
rapid 4D
photoactivation and uncaging
single molecule studies
real-time deconvolution
environmental control
simultaneous dual camera acquisition and synchronization with electrophysiology and automated perfusion systems.
In addition, Marianas offers near-infinite levels of optimization and customization to address a wide range of scientific applications. Components can be tailored specifically to the individual requirements of the researcher, or designed to accommodate the needs of large multi-user multi-application facilities.
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