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Mux Distributor - Distribution Valve

Elveflow Mux Distributor - Distribution Valve in India

Mux Distributor - Distribution Valve
10-1 bidirectional microfluidic valve. The MUX Distributor valve is a bidirectional 10 position/11-port valve which can be used to sequentially inject or select up to 10 different fluids.
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Product Details

Perfect microfluidic valve for handling several samples and automating experiments.

  • 1 liquid sample into 10 different microfluidic lines.

  • 10 liquid samples into 1 microfluidic line.

Use this multipurpose valve in combination with the OB1 MKIII+ pressure controller to automate injection in microfluidic experiments, program perfusion experiments, sequentially supply different reagents and many more applications. The MUX Distributor is a bi-directional 11-port / 10-way rotary valve where peripheral ports can selectively be connected to a central one. We can use the MUX Distributor to sequentially inject up to 10 different solutions into one microfluidic line. The routine MUX Distributor to direct a feed sequentially into various outlets, for sample collections or parallel experiments. It contains smooth switches No disruption of the flow. The low internal volume is 11.6 uLport to port and fast switching time is 280 ms actuation time. It is with good chemical compatibility we can use various chemicals.


  • SEQUENTIAL MICROFLUIDIC LIQUID INJECTION - Inject 1 sample into 10 outputs or 10 samples into 1 output

  • WORKFLOW MICROFLUIDIC AUTOMATION - Save time thanks to sequence programming.

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