Tissue Match


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Tissue Match
Tissue Match is a tool for locating and marking a specific region of interest on FISH slides prior to scanning at high resolution.
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With Tissue Match, pathologists can scan a brightfield H&E slide to review and mark the exact region of interest for FISH scanning; which is automatically superimposed on the FISH slide. This guarantees that the clinically relevant area is analyzed correctly by the FISH technician.

Tissue Match begins with a tiled image of an H&E slide followed by a tiled image of FISH slide with a sequential tissue sample. Tissue Match aligns the tissue image on the two slides, and while marking regions of interest on the H&E slide, the system automatically marks the same area on the FISH slide. With clearly defined regions of interest, the FISH slide is then scanned at high resolution at the specific region chosen by the pathologist.
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