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Immuno Histo Chemistry (IHC)

Immuno Histo Chemistry (IHC)


Immunohistochemistry (IHC) combines histological, immunological, and biochemical techniques for the identification of specific tissue components by means of a specific antigen/antibody reaction tagged with a visible label. IHC makes it conceivable to visualize the dispersion and localization of explicit cell segments inside a cell or tissue.

DSS provides a one-stop solution for Immunohistochemistry (IHC)with a full range of products from Sample culturing to Sample Analysis with products like Autostainer link solution, Dako coverslipper, Hybridizer, etc. Our solutions range from Interactive to fully automated systems.

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  1. DAKO (AGILENT) Autostainer Link Solution in India

    Autostainer Link 48 provides labs with software and connectivity options that will greatly improve workload management and report generation while maintaining optimal immunohistochemistry staining results.

  2. DAKO (AGILENT) Dako Coverslipper in India

    The Dako Coverslipper is a compact unit. It is small enough to fit inside fume cabinets and it can handle up to 600 slides per hour making it one of the fastest glass coverslippers currently available and setting a new benchmark in instrument design.

  3. DAKO (AGILENT) Hybridizer in India

    Hybridizer is a hands-free denaturation and hybridization instrument designed for slide-based fluorescence and chromogenic in situ hybridization (FISH and CISH, respectively) on histology and cytology samples.

  4. EUROCLONE Hyperchrome in India

    HyperChrome is the perfect Instrument for denaturation & hybridization procedures during FISH experiments.

  5. ABBOTT MOLECULAR Thermobrite in India

    Abbott Molecular ThermoBrite® System offers an easy, safe, system for in-situ hybridization procedures.

  6. ABBOTT MOLECULAR VP2000 in India

    VP2000 is a consolidated workstation for automated front-end FISH* processing


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What is Immunohistochemistry (IHC) used for in medical research?

DSS Imagetech provides cutting-edge solutions for Immunohistochemistry (IHC), a technique used in medical research to visualize and study the distribution and localization of specific proteins within tissue samples. It plays a crucial role in understanding disease mechanisms and biomarker identification.

How does IHC staining work at the cellular level?

IHC staining, enabled by DSS Imagetech's advanced technology, involves using specific antibodies that bind to target proteins within cells. This binding is visualized through the use of labeled secondary antibodies, providing precise cellular localization information.

What are the primary antibodies used in IHC staining?

DSS Imagetech supports a wide range of primary antibodies tailored to specific research needs. These primary antibodies are carefully selected to ensure high specificity and sensitivity in IHC staining.

What are the advantages of using IHC in clinical diagnostics?

IHC, when combined with DSS Imagetech's imaging capabilities, is valuable in clinical diagnostics for identifying disease markers, aiding in patient stratification, and supporting treatment decisions. It offers precise, visual confirmation of protein expression.

Are there different types of IHC techniques?

Yes, there are various IHC techniques, including chromogenic IHC and fluorescent IHC, each with its own applications. DSS Imagetech's equipment is adaptable to different IHC methods, allowing flexibility in research and diagnostics.

What is the process of preparing tissue samples for IHC staining?

Sample preparation for IHC staining involves fixing, embedding, and sectioning tissues onto slides. DSS Imagetech's technology seamlessly integrates with these sample preparation steps to ensure accurate and consistent results.

How is the specificity of IHC staining ensured?

DSS Imagetech places a strong emphasis on antibody validation and quality control to ensure the specificity of IHC staining. Rigorous protocols and quality assurance measures are in place to deliver reliable results.

What are the challenges in interpreting IHC results?

Interpreting IHC results can be challenging due to variations in staining intensity and background. DSS Imagetech's imaging solutions assist in capturing and analyzing these results accurately, reducing interpretation challenges.

Can IHC be used for studying protein expression in cancer research?

Yes, IHC is instrumental in cancer research, helping researchers understand protein expression patterns in tumor tissues. DSS Imagetech's technology enhances the precision of such studies, aiding in cancer diagnosis and treatment development.

Is there any role of IHC in drug development and testing?

IHC plays a crucial role in drug development by evaluating the expression of drug targets and biomarkers in preclinical and clinical studies. DSS Imagetech's imaging solutions contribute to the assessment of drug efficacy and safety, accelerating the drug development process.