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About DSS Imagetech

DSS Imagetech is a New Delhi-based company with offices all over India providing cutting-edge solutions to researchers and clinicians in various fields of Life Sciences and Healthcare.
Driven by the mantra “Inspired By Technology”, DSS Imagetech is recognized for its expertise in Micro-Imaging, Clinical Diagnostics, Medical Equipment and R&D.


A story of innovation and technological excellence since 75 years and counting!

  • Factory and Corporate office in Noida/New Delhi

  • Branch offices in 9 major cities in India; Representative offices in another 6 principal cities in India

  • State-of- the-art information & communication infrastructure

  • Dedicated teams under each division

  • Qualified service & application team pan-India

  • DST / DSIR recognized R&D Centre


Distribution Network for some of the world’s leading brands

13+ Cities | 150 People With offices in 13+ cities and a 150-people strong team, DSS Imagetech has become a distributor for some of the world’s leading brands in the industry. It has brought to its customers the latest and most relevant technologies.


While DSS’ product portfolio encompasses a wide range of products for Life Sciences research, Medical Diagnostics and Healthcare we currently maintain our focus on Research Imaging, Clinical Diagnostics, IVF and Food Testing. With our vast experience and expertise, we readily bring solutions in these fields to the Indian scientific & medical fraternity through manufacturing, distribution and innovation.

  • Photo Credit : Dr. Sachin Kotak PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology (MCB), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) using Equipment: Olympus Confocal Microscope FV3000


    DSS works closely with not only the leading research and educational institutes of the country, it works with the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well. Interest for advanced imaging is increasing ever so rapidly in Life Science research. Researchers continue to seek new imaging tools and technologies which allow them a better and closer look into the molecular realm to unravel the mysteries of cellular structures and their behaviour. DSS is always in-step with these demands and the Micro-Imaging division is dedicated to satisfying the scientific research community with these most advanced imaging solutions.

    Most of the microscopy-based solutions which DSS offers in the scientific imaging segment are manufactured by Olympus Corporation, Japan; starting from basic microscopic systems for routine Brightfield Imaging upto the most advanced microscopy techniques like Confocal & Amp Multiphoton systems.

    DSS prides itself as not just a supplier of microscopes, but as a complete solution provider for any Micro-Imaging set-up. It has tie-ups with world-leading manufacturers of peripheral items like scientific cameras, incubators, motorized attachments, etc. which are essential and integral parts of modern high-end imaging systems.

    Apart from routine optically resolvable samples, DSS has joined hands with Abberior Instruments, Germany, a world leader with their STED-based Super Resolution microscopes, which can resolve images of samples below 30 nm.

    To complete the spectrum of all kinds of Molecular Imaging, DSS also provides solutions for In-vivo imaging of macro-samples such as whole animal imaging from one of the world’s leading brands - Bruker.

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    DSS has been working in the Clinical Diagnostics field for over a decade now. Along with sourcing products from international partners and supplying them to the Indian scientific fraternity, DSS also provides service and application support for these products. Our products and solutions range from molecular pathology & diagnostics technologies like FISH, IHC, MLPA & ICP for cancer and genetic testing to real-time PCR based infectious disease diagnosis and DNA flow technology based infectious disease diagnosis as well as tumour profiling. We represent companies like Abbott Molecular, Dako (Agilent), MRC-Holland, Euroclone, Master Diagnostica, Integen LLC, ADS Biotec, Genial Helix, etc.

    In addition to this DSS has entered into an agreement with Human Diagnostics GmbH, Germany to market the only WHO approved LAMP-based TB detection test to labs all over India.

  • IVF

    DSS has marked its presence in the field of IVF as one of the preferred solution providers for Imaging-based solutions in the area of ART (Artificial Reproductive Techniques) for the last 8 years. DSS with its international partners offers all latest the technologies in IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI and PGD, all supported by strong service and application support network across India. The products we offer include Microscopes, Micromanipulators, Warm stages, Imaging cameras, CASA systems, PGD probes, Bio-safety Cabinets etc.

    With a strong base of more than 700+ installations, we hold 65% market share in Microscopy and Imaging based ART solutions in India which is growing every year.

    Our international partners in the field of ART include Olympus, Narishige, Tokai Hit, Prosier, Primetech, Abbott-Vysis and many more. Our aim is to provide 360-degree Imaging-based solutions in the field of IVF.


    In 2016 DSS set up a molecular/DNA based food testing business vertical, to offer a large range of products for contamination and adulteration testing for the Food & Dairy industry in India. To further validate the effort, a License agreement was sealed with the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) under ICAR for a range of testing for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

    The Food Testing division has expanded its product offering beyond just GMO testing kits to a range of RT-PCR based tests for Pathogen Identification (Salmonella, Listeria, etc), Allergen Testing (Egg, Peanuts, Wheat, etc), Species Identification (Pig, Cow, Buffalo, Chicken, etc), A1/A2 Milk. Our R&D team has also successfully developed and launched a DNA extraction kit that can be used across different food segments.


DSS Group of Companies was conceptualized in 1938 as a small family-owned business in pre-independence India (Amritsar, Punjab) dealing in imports from Japan in general merchandise. Now more than 80 years later, after 180 employees and at a turnover of around 150 Cr INR

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In 2013 DSS was granted recognition by the Government of India as a qualified R&D facility. This R&D unit has developed Molecular Biology based test kits for food testing and human diagnostics as well as Opto-electronics based tools for Medical and Diagnostics use.

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