DSS: Redefining Biotechnology & Life Science in India

The DSS Group of biotechnology Companies has a proud legacy of establishing effective collaborations via manufacturing, distribution & innovation based on its mantra “Inspired by Technology”.
At DSS Imagetech, we strive to maintain a balance between operational excellence, product leadership and customer acclaim.
Our aim is to redefine Biotechnology & Life Science research and diagnostics in India and become a trusted partner to our customers, serving all their molecular research and molecular diagnostic needs.
In respect to healthcare, DSS Imagetech endeavours to bring new cutting-edge Medical technologies for Diagnostics, Training and Therapeutics to the healthcare sector in India.
Our highly technical and qualified team is always on the lookout for the newest technologies, products and innovative companies across the globe to offer the best products & solutions in molecular diagnostics, biotechnology and life science research to the Indian market. With our certified DSS Imagetech Research and Development (R&D) centre we have now developed a range of Real Time PCR kits made in India for various applications such as food testing, Cervical cancer screening.

DSS Imagetech joint ventures with renowned foreign companies.

DSS has entered into joint ventures with renowned foreign companies. These companies have chosen DSS Imagetech as a partner to provide a focus to their business as well as to avail of the invaluable knowledge platform which has been created as a result of 50 years of DSS’ experience in the manufacturing sector in India.

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DSS Imagetech has set up long-standing collaborations with world leaders like Olympus, Abbott Molecular.

DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd has set up long-standing collaborations with world leaders like Olympus, Abbott Molecular, Dako – Agilent among others. Not only has DSS Imagetech been able to establish relationships with these international corporations

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DSS Imagetech Research & Development Centre in India

The DSS Imagetech Research & Development Centre was established in 2013 and is DST/DSIR approved. Using this platform, the DSS Group of Companies has entered into an association with the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and the University of Delhi

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