Celebrating 21 Glorious Years at DSS Imagetech

Celebrating 21 glorious years

BY Ajay Kandhari 13th July 2019

Today, on this 21st Anniversary of the date of the Incorporation of DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd., I would like to say a few words to all of you.

As you are all aware, DSS as a group is a well recognized name in the Indian Biotechnology and Healthcare space with a proud legacy of Manufacturing JVs, Distribution and Innovation based on its mantra “Inspired by Technology”.

However, the journey started much longer ago in 1938 as general merchandise supplier of imported goods and grew to include manufacturing expertise as well as all India distribution of high technology products in the Research, Life Sciences, Clinical Diagnostics and Medical Equipment areas.

As a result, in the past few years we have been consistently among the top Biosuppliers in the country occupying number 1 spot in 2016 and now again in 2019.

For this great achievement the management would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to our customers, our Principals & Partners and our dedicated and committed employees who have made this possible.

Having personally been a part of this journey in various capacities for over 25 years, I can vouch for DSS always striving to achieve the right balance between technology & product leadership, operational excellence and high quality application & after sales support.

DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd has a unique position of not only having a strong distribution network with all-India presence but also a rich legacy of manufacturing skills in scientific optical instruments and also biotech consumables and reagents. In the last few years a DSIR recognised R&D centre with in-house product development expertise has been added to the strengths of the organisation. These products have already been launched and very well accepted by customers in the last 2 years of their introduction.

We feel that the above mentioned pillars of manufacturing background, distribution and R&D as well as a very strong after sales service, application support and supply chain management will help us to further our position in the marketplace. It is this comprehensive package we offer to any prospective Partner / Company and more importantly the value add and comfort of being in safe hands that we are able to provide to our existing and new customers. This will help us to improve our reach in the country with a right blend of direct business and channel partner distribution model.

In India’s challenging business environment, DSS shall continue to focus on increasing our presence in Clinical Diagnostics & Medical Equipment sector as well develop and manufacture more in-house products, especially in view of the tighter norms of import and registration requirements for foreign goods.

Finally, I would like to state

To be the most preferred value enhancing Life Sciences & Medical technology solutions company and constantly bring innovative technologies to customers and communities


To conduct business in an ethical manner and on the basis of mutual trust and respect for customers and employees.


Ajay Kandhari, Managing Director, DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd

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