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NGS Targeted Hotspot Panel (THSP)

ENTROGEN NGS Targeted Hotspot Panel (THSP) in India

NGS Targeted Hotspot Panel (THSP)
NGS THSP stands for NGS Targeted Hotspot Panel is supposed to detect the multiple clinically related hotspot mutations in 16 genes across several tumour types. Its comprehensive multi-gene panels identify hundreds of genes and detect thousands of variants, many of which have unknown factors.
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Features & Benefits

  • From fresh frozen and FFPE tissue samples, it detects and covers all clinically relevant hotspot mutations in 16 genes.
  • From 12 ng of input DNA to detects down to 5% allele frequency.
  • Incorporates reagents for target advancement; library arrangement and clean up; and DNA and library QC. Illumina┬« NextSeq 500, MiniSeq, and MiSeq are the sequencer that is compatible with Library preparation reagents.
  • User-friendly software for local data analysis is complimentary.

Product Details

THSP main benefit is that it mostly focuses on the clinically relevant targets, executing data analysis quicker and shows efficient results that help drive treatment decisions. Labs with moderately small sample volumes that cycle various tumours types are confronting expanding difficulties to discover proficient and dependable testing alternatives to smooth out handling to save time and reduces cost. THSP pleads these challenges by giving end-users the facility to batch different sample types together on a single run while targeting definite, clinically applicable variations and maximizing the utilization of NGS reagent cartridges.
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