DSS has since the past 4 years engaged itself in innovations to create products/technologies relevant for the
emerging market. In 2013, The DSS R&D centre was granted recognition by the Department of Scientific &
Industrial Research, as a centre recognized by the Government of India.


  •  DSS Imagetech is working in Molecular Diagnostics field at DSS Research and Development Centre.


    DSS has been working in the Molecular Diagnostics field for over a decade now. Along with sourcing products from international partners and supplying them to the Indian scientific fraternity, the DSS R&D center is now ready to market its first product, the CT-NG kit developed in collaboration with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research (ACBR) under the University of Delhi.

    Our aim is to expand our footprint in the molecular diagnostics field and we are open to collaborations to fulfill this purpose.

  • DSS Imagetech started DNA Based Food testing business in India.


    DSS started its foray into the molecular/DNA based food testing business about 2 years back and has now created a large product line to address the Food and Dairy markets in India. As part of this endeavour, DSS also entered into a Licence agreement with the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR) under ICAR for a range of testing for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

    Apart from GMO testing, DSS now has Real Time PCR based tests for Pathogen Identification (Salmonella, Listeria, etc), Allergen Testing (Egg, Peanuts, Gluten, etc), Species Identification (Pig, Cow, Buffalo, etc), A1/A2 Milk, to name a few. We have also successfully developed and launched a DNA extraction kit that works well across different food matrices.


Universal Pathogen Kit

Universal Pathogen Kit

Salmonella Detection Kit

Salmonella Detection Kit

E-Coli Detection Kit

E-Coli Detection Kit (100 RXNS)

Soya Allergen Kit

Soya Allergen Kit (100 RXNS)

Egg Allergen Kit

Egg Allergen Kit (100 RXNS)

Celery Allergen

Celery Allergen (100 RXNS)

Gluten Allergen

Gluten Allergen (100 RXNS)

Peanut Allergen Detection Kit

Peanut Allergen Detection Kit (100 RXNS)

Bos Taurus Detection Kit

Bos Taurus Detection Kit (100 RXNS)

Bubalus bubalis Detection Kit

Bubalus bubalis Detection Kit (100 RXNS)

GMO Screening Kit

GMO Screening Kit (100 RXNS)

Milk Allergen Kit

Milk Allergen Kit (100 RXNS)

Milk Allergen Kit (100 RXNS)

Milk Allergen Kit (100 RXNS)

Mustard Allergen

Mustard Allergen (100 RXNS)

Hamour Fish Identification kit

Hamour Fish Identification kit (100 Test)

A1/A2 Identification kit

A1/A2 Identification kit (100 Test)

Yeast Detection kit

Yeast Detection kit (100 Test)

Mold Detection kit

Mold Detection kit (100 Test)